different midnights brought me to medicine

  1. Midnight is when health workers use their weary hands to help heal the tired bodies and hearts of others. I continue to study to join their ranks.
  2. Midnight of August 14, 1947, forced migration and fragmented citizenships onto my family. I am in medicine to strengthen my family and my fragmented communities.
  3. Midnights are the waking hours of racialized, low income, and undocumented/refugee students and families who have endured to finally enter or send one of their own into the field of medicine. I hope this blog can be a source of comfort and beneficial advice.

who am I?

I am a Muslim woman pursuing my first-year as a medical student at a Doctor of Medicine program in Canada.

what do I write about?

I write about my reflections on medical education and the health system (see Notes on a System) and my personal journey in medicine (see My Journey). I write about issues in medicine centring equity and global health. Much of my writing is informed by my own experiences navigating an educational system predicated on exclusivity, classism, ableism, and racism. These are big words – I know. But I think that health providers – especially physicians – need to be aware about how the systems that surround their profession (such as healthcare, justice, education, and housing) create harm. I have been studying the healthcare system from afar for so long and now as an incumbent system-shaper, I hope to document my growth as a student through this blog.