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Small second-quarantine joys

My last quarantine was at the start of medical school so it flew by with the excitement of entering the medical building for the first time and meeting a few classmates face to face. Now, with the novelty gone, quarantining has less in store. But it has also been better because of some small, new joys.

Hijab in Medicine – World Hijab Day 2021

This is a short reflection on World Hijab Day (February 1st). Because my hijab is an outward symbol of faith, this is hardly the last time I will be reflecting on this, inshaAllah, but I want to add a perspective as a medical learner and someone who’s relationship with the politics around this act of […]

How medical education institutions set up student advocates for failure

#MedTwitter fooled be into believing that medicine was undergoing a transformation. That people were more comfortable engaging with politics and that we could be critical about what we are learning and teaching. I believed that the advocacy of people of colour was being heard and implemented meaningfully. Now within the throws of the cultural institution that is medicine, I realize that the online world is far from real life.

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